Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pork Tenderloin - Adapted from Many Kitchens

This is prehaps the best pork tenderloin we have ever had. Start by cutting a bagguette to the length of the tenderloin and then slicing it lengthwise.  Pull out most of the bread to make it hollow and set it aside.  Pat the pork dry and season with salt and 1T of "Herbs de Provence", a mixture you can buy or make yourself.  Google will give the mix.  Then wrap the pork in slices of Prosciutto and place the bundle inside the bagguette.  Wrap the bagguette in more sliced Prosciutto and season with another table spoon of the herbs.  Tie the bundle together for baking with some twine.  Bake in a 375 degree oven for about 45 min. or until the internal temp of the pork is 140 degrees.  We served ours with lima beans and tomatoes from the garden.  It is delicious.  The Prosciutto is crisp and the bread is crusty and has absorbed all the juices from the pork.  Enjoy with a nice chilled Rose wine.



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