Friday, August 01, 2014

California Steak Salad - Adapted from Food and Wine

Here is an easy salad using left-over steak and fresh summer veggies.  Slice your 12 oz. steak thinly and set aside. The recipe calls for green beans but we are having a bumper crop of wax beans, so we used them; about 4 oz.., 4 oz. sugar snap peas, 1/2C crumbled blue cheese and some fresh tomatoes.  Arrange the above on a bed of lettuce on a platter and dress with a mix of 1/4C lemon juice, 1/4C wine vinegar, 2T Dijon mustard, 3/4C olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, which has been whisked together.  Garnish with some chopped tarragon. This will serve 2 nicely.

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