Sunday, March 09, 2014

Chicken with Pasta and Scalloped Tomatoes - Adapted from Barefoot Contessa

This is a fun meal to do with someone because there are several steps.  First, salt and pepper and then saute the chicken in 3T olive oil (we recommend skin on, bone in breasts although that is not what is pictured) in an oven proof pan. When they are nicely browned, remove them from the pan and set aside.  To the pan add 2 cloves minced garlic, 3T dry white wine, 1t lemon zest, 2T freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1T dried dill, or fresh if you have it.  Continue cooking until the garlic is fragrent. Return the chicken breasts to the pan and set aside.
For the tomatoes, first saute 1C of about 1/2 inch diced bread cubes in 2T olive oil.  When they are nicely browned add 8 diced plum tomatoes, 1 clove minced garlic, 1T sugar, salt and pepper to taste.  Toss them gently to coat the tomatoes.  Transfer to a baking dish When ready, put the pan with the chicken and the tomatoes into a 350 degree oven for 20 min.  Garnish the tomatoes with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.
Prepare the pasta according to package directions.  When the pasta is done, drain it and mix it with the pan juices from the cooked chicken.  We think the tomatoes would be a delicious side with any number of main courses.

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