Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beef Roll-ups with Pasta Salad

We thought the combi-nation of spinach, mushrooms and asiago cheese sounded good so we created some beef roll-ups.  We like to use thin sliced top round rather than flank steak in these dishes.  Start by sauteing 4 oz. fresh mushrooms, sliced in about 3T olive oil.  Add a clove of minced garlic near the end so the garlic doesn't burn.  Then add a handful of fresh spinach leaves and cook until barely wilted.  Place a slice of asiago cheese along with the sautéed mixture on the meat, roll them and secure with a skewer.  They were grilled for about 10 min, turning after 5 for medium rare.
The pasta salad is your favorite cooked shape with chopped celery, carrots, some sliced kalamata olives, mayo and Lauries Season Salt to taste.



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