Thursday, January 31, 2008

Roasted Salmon with Smoked Paprika Glaze and Asparagus Risotto

Make the glaze for the salmon by mixing 1/4C fresh lemon juice, 1/4C olive oil, 2T honey, 1t ground coriander, 2T smoked Spanish paprika and salt and pepper to taste. Pour half of the glaze into a serving dish for use at the table. Place the salmon filets in the glaze and allow to marinate for 1-2 hrs. The salmon only takes 10 min to cook in a 400 degree oven so start the risotto while it marinates.
Add 1 small onion, diced to 3T olive oil in a sauce pan and cook gently until the onion is tender. Add 3/4C risotto and continue cooking until the rice begins to become translucent at the edges. Slowly, add hot stock to the rice by the ladle full allowing it to be absorbed before adding more. Continue this process, stirring continually until about 1 pint of stock has been added. The risotto should have a creamy texture when finished. Finish the risotto by adding chopped asparagus and 1/4C grated parmesan cheese just before serving.



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