Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ceviche with Green Salad and Tomatoes

Ceviche is a dish prepared by marinating fresh fish in citrus. The acid in the citrus "cooks" the fish by reacting with the protein and curing, or pickling it, really. The key is to use very fresh fish and to only use salt-water fish. Fresh water fish can be infected with parasites which would not be killed by the marinade. So....we used dover sole filets, scallops and rings of calamari. The marinade is 1C of fresh lime juice and 3/4C fresh lemon juice. Along with the fish, add 1/2 bunch chopped green onion, 2 diced jalapenos, seeded, 1 bunch chopped fresh cilantro. Salsa can be added as well although we did not. Allow the fish to marinade for 4-6 hrs in the refrigerator. This was enough marinade for 1 pound of scallops, 1/2 pound of sole, and 1/2 pound of calamari. We served it on a bed of greens dressed with a lemon vinegrette, wedged tomatoes and a crusty bread although crackers are more traditional. Just before serving we added a generous grind of black pepper and salt to taste. A dry white wine goes well with the dish.



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