Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fish Cakes with Melon Salsa, Old Bay Remoulade, Risotto and Edemame

We don't generally post repeats here but there were a couple additions that we thought were worth mention. The fish cakes were made with poached salmon, in this case. We made a mayo sauce (remoulade) by mixing 2T capers and 2T Old Bay seasoning mix with 1C mayo. In addition, we had some melon salsa left over from the wedding made from finely diced cantalope, red onion and mint. We don't know the proportions but would guess perhaps 1C diced melon to 2T onion to 1/4C chopped fresh mint. A very nice salsa for fish. The risoto recipe is an easy one; much easier than the classic risotto which requires constant stirring. Mix 1C dry arborio rice with 1/4C chopped onion in a 3qt sauce pan with 2T olive oil and heat gently until the onion is tender. In the meantime, heat 4C stock (chicken or vegetable) to a simmer. Add the stock to the rice, cover and simmer until all the liquid is absorbed. When it is ready to serve, stir in 1/2C grated asiago cheese. This recipe can be modified to add mushrooms, asparagus, squash, etc. in addition to the onion. The variations are endless.
We served our favorite dry white wine but a nice Rose would be good as well.



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