Monday, November 05, 2007

Fried Fish with Black Bean Sauce

This started out as an oriental recipe from Food Network but we made it more Southwest. Drain and rinse a can of black beans. Place them in a food processor along with a roughly chopped medium onion, 1/2 can of diced canned tomatoes, 1T ground cumin, hot chili flakes to taste and a bunch of chopped cilantro. Process until lumpy, not smooth. Place this mixture in a sauce pan and add 1C chicken stock to which has been added 2T corn starch. Stir and heat until bubbly. Set aside, keeping the sauce warm. Dredge the fish (catfish or other white fish) in a mix of equal parts of flour and corn meal with salt and pepper to taste. Fry the fish in vegetable oil until golden. Top the fish with the sauce and some freshly chopped cilantro. We served the fish with brussel sprouts which had been sliced and sauted in butter. The oven roasted potatoes were frozen. A chilled rose` went nicely with the dinner.



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