Saturday, June 17, 2006

BBQ Spare Ribs with Grilled Potatoes and Cole Slaw

As is usually the case, we dry rubbed the ribs, this time with a com-mercial rub (Char Crust brand; Spicey Smokey Southwest), slow cooked them (4 hrs at about 275 degrees) in the Weber and sauced them at the end of cooking. We used the same sauce as is mentioned here in the Beef BBQ recipe. The potatoes were redskins coated with olive oil, salt, pepper and ground thyme. They were skewered and grilled for about 45 min. The Slaw is a recipe we found in Bon Appetit and has a lime based vinagrette rather than a mayo based dressing. You mix 7C of shredded cabbage and carrots with 1C chopped cilantro. Whisk together 3T Canola oil and 3T fresh lime juice, salt and pepper to taste and pour it over the slaw mixture. This doesn't sound like much dressing and it isn't. The slaw has a nice limey taste but is not dripping with dressing.
Beer or a nice Rose' wine to drink makes a good combination.



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