Friday, October 06, 2006

Creamed Soup - Another version

As stated here pre-viously, our "creamed" soups are generally made with leftover mashed potatoes, as was the case here. We started with about 2C of mashed potatoes, 14 oz can of chicken stock (vegetable stock would work too), and 14 oz of water. To this we added about 3C broccoli flowerettes, 1C cauliflower, and a leftover twice baked potato. The skin of the potato was chopped and added as well to make a more "rustic" soup. The mixture was simmered until the vegetables were tender and then processed until smooth in a food processor. Just before serving, we added some of the raw broccoli stem, chopped, to give the soup a chew. A crusty bread and white wine finished the meal.



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