Wednesday, March 01, 2006

For many years now, my wife, Deanna and I have enjoyed our common interest in cooking. We like to try new and interesting recipes that we come across. We enjoy putting our menu together and tweeking the recipes we find. We dine together most every night depending on our schedules. Most evenings we cook, but we also enjoy an evening out of fine dining, and sometimes not so fine dining.
I am retired and my wife soon will be, so we do not encounter the time constraints that many busy younger couples do.
We have established this blog as a cooking journal for ourselves, and to encourage other couples to spend time together exploring the endless joys of cooking as a couple.
A word about wine: When ever possible we will post a website for the wine we have with the meal. We think there are some very drinkable wines out there for under $10. You will seldom see a wine listed for more than $15. We are strong proponents of "drink what you enjoy" but I do think it is important to give some thought to which wine you drink and experiment. The wine should not overcome the meal but neither should it disappear in the background, so we choose wines which we think compliment the meal.
Herbs: Again….experiment. If you don’t like the herbs we use or you can’t get them, use others.



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